Bts reaction to their baby sneezing

Originally posted by hope-film. This was requested so I hope you like it my lovely! Any constructive criticism is welcomed :. The speakers in your car play your music at a low level, almost completely drowned out by the noise of the engine.

Your limbs ache and your joints sweaty: your workout has been the longest one in weeks. Being the mother of a year-old boy and the wife of an ex-idol is much more stressful than a person would assume.

As you pull out of the car park, your music is completely drowned out but not by the engine. You ringtone screams through the speakers as someone tries to call you. You answer the call cautiously: No caller ID. Even now you all have to be on the lookout for Sasaengs. Mideum was caught fighting?

bts reaction to their baby sneezing

Your son had never done anything like this before, of course, he had some scraps but full-on fighting: that was completely unheard of. Being the protective mother you are billions of questions are being thrown around your head: was he lying about being bullied? Was he the bully? Is he hiding something from you? Have you failed as a mother? Of course, the real answers would be given to you in less than 30 minutes. The looming grey building, surrounded by a high wall and fence turns from a place of joy to a prison-like establishment.

Turning the engine off and exiting the car and walking into the school. Your trainers scuffing against the tile floors occasionally, sending squeaks echoing around your ears. Turning towards the principles office and knocking twice.You cuddle them in your sleep. After your first kiss. They bring up an insecurity in an argument. You get a lip piercing.

BTS Reactions

They get jealous when you dance with another guy. Their GF has never left their home country. You have a lot of tattoos. Falling for an english speaking fan. Jimin: Worlds Away. Jimin : Patience.

Suga: Sweet Music. Jungkook: Pure fluff. Rap Monster : Follow Me. Jungkook : When Paths Cross. Your first date together. Jae: Heart Strings. Puerto Rico winning a gold medal. Moving into their dorm. They hear you sing for the first time. Another member helps you with a school project.

say the name... seventeen~! — BTS reacting to you Singing for the First Time -...

You flinch in a fight. You get close to another member. Your company puts you on a strict diet. Mark : You break up with him. Mark: Breathe.I wanted to focus on their reactions to the pregnancy more so than getting back together, I mean they broke up for a reason right. This kid is absolutely pissed when he sees you walking down the street pushing a stroller.

Your relationship was quite serious and for you to so quickly move on and start a family while he was still hurting made his blood boil. He tails you for a bit before finally intervening.

We break up and you make it your mission to get knocked up? He sees you for the first time in 9 months on a packed train standing and clutching onto your back. He is completely shocked and asks you if you guys can go somewhere to talk and sort everything out. Going into labor at your job was your first mistake. Not taking Jin off of your emergency contact list was your second. When the initial butterflies subside from holding your child you see Jin enter the room.

As soon as he sees you in the store, with a noticeably bigger stomach, he freaks out. Due to some unforeseen circumstances he had to cut all ties to you in favor of his career. Not sure how to word what he wants to say next. I have as much right to be in her life as you do. If only breaking up with Taehyung was as easy as 1,2,3. Taehyung catches you at the local farmers market, sporting a baby bump and he grows anxious to know just who was the lucky man that got you to bear his child.

Do I know him? You reluctantly agree to meet up and talk. Seokjin: Going into labor at your job was your first mistake.

bts reaction to their baby sneezing

Can I hold him? Jungkook: As soon as he sees you in the store, with a noticeably bigger stomach, he freaks out. We really need to talk. Taehyung: If only breaking up with Taehyung was as easy as 1,2,3. You look great! When are you due? Admin P.He almost scolded you but realized why you scared him; it was because you-yourself was scared.

He knew how jumpy and easily scared you were, but he found it extremely adorable, even though he sometimes gave you shit for it. He turned around to face you and squished your soft cheeks. Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. It was the tinniest banging sound that made you so scared, and he found it annoyingly adorable. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at you. That scared you? Originally posted by cyyphr. You were not very fond of yelling, so you would hide behind Namjoon out of fear or as a safety habit.

Namjoon just laughed at you and called you cute over and over again. Originally posted by rapnamu. But seeing you jump behind him made him laugh instantly.

You were scared of yourself dropping a stack of books. He gently tapped his hands over yours to reassure you. Originally posted by 4jiminnie. When you hugged onto him from behind tightly and whined about the small spider across the room, he instantly lost it. Originally posted by maidxsama.

Fixing his hair and sighing heavily, he turned his head to glance back at you. Originally posted by nnochu. Master list.

bts reaction to their baby sneezing

Instagram: Fan fics. Instagram: BTS fan acc. I dare someone to. Who do I have to hurt?Jin was a sweetheart. Not just to you, but to your son too. Sometimes he was a little too sweet. He would say yes to something you already said no to and it would cause a slight altercation.

This time though, it went way to far. The issue was blown out of proportion and created a two week argument between you and your son. He never said the words, I hate you, but you knew he was thinking it the whole time. You could see it written all over his face.

Your frustration with your son also manifested in a kind of disgust with Jin. You make me look bad and now our son hates me. Originally posted by seokjins-wings. Yoongi had always been the stricter parent. He was the one who said no, why was she taking it out on you? Of course, you agreed with him parents gotta be a united front and all thatbut she was giving you both the silent treatment this time around and you found it a little uncalled for. You were trying to talk to her one day, but after a while of ignoring you, she just got up and stormed away muttering under her breath.

What the hell did you do? What did I do? What if she just hates me forever? Now please go to sleep. You may or may not have bribed her with ice cream though. Originally posted by yoongiyi. That, and she never finishes anything.

She flits from one thing to the next like no one is spending money on her when she picks up these hobbies. She needed to learn to see things through. There were only a few lessons left anyway, then she could quit. But to her that sounded like a death sentence. It was the first time anything like that had ever happened. Normally she was so quiet and polite. Hoseok was also extremely upset. He became serious and irritated. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. Both you and Namjoon always emphasized the importance of education.

It would break your heart to be that parent that drowns their child in unrealistic expectations.Namjoon would be a proud bitch type. He would tell everyone that his girlfriend is so good that she had passed the YG audition.

At the same BTS were doing their compaign which means you had a chance to pose with Namjoon for one of the biggest sportwear companies. Jin is mommy so he would be worried about your health. He knows how exhausting can be dance practices. So now when he sees you performing on stage with your group, hearing the fans screaming your name he is lowkey fanboying. But he still is worried about your well-being. Suga would be secretly proud that his girlfriend is also a rapper with her own unique style.

Once, during Gaon Chart Awards famous rappers battled with each other to show their rapping skills. As a rapper you had to take part. Your opponent was the greatest Min Suga himself. When you two were rapping one after one the audience were sitting with open mouthes.

Noone expected such an intense competition. Now you two are called as CL and GD of the new generation. J-Hope would be even more happy than you when you told him that you are going to debut in a new YG girl group. He imagined himself on one stage with you when both your groups are recieving daesung and as is known dreams are becoming truth.

It is 2 years since your debut and you are on MAMA. All idols of 94 line are prepairing to perform with a special dance. When Jimin heard about you joining to YG he was on the seventh heaven. He would teach you how to dance and sing properly and be not afraid to perform in front of thousands of people watching you.Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: heya!! He enjoys a drunk you from time to time, you two can just let loose but also him keeping everything in line because safety and health first!

Jin: Would be worried sick about you getting into trouble. If a stranger approaches you with a drink or asks you to go with them what do you say? Suga: I think Suga would be the type to just let you zone out in your drunken state. When it gets really late, he may be extremely tired but he would stay out with you as long as you wanted. J-Hope: The perfect boyfriend.

Wanna build a snowman? We can build a snowman, where should we start? Want some water? More pillows -I mean snow for your snowman? Back in the comfort of your apartment he would help you change into jammies and force you to drink lots of water while he made ramyun and you two spent the night eating, talking and just being silly together.

From sexy to squishy in a heartbeat, oh goodness Jiminie. He would understand a little of how you must feel when you had to baby him so many times before, and would remember to thank you when you were sober. He would want to go home but you would insist on putting on a performance so you force everyone to become an audience while you sing and dance a drunken version of their newest track.

BTS Reactions

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