Vr80 aftermarket stock

The VR80 has an upper and lower of T6 aluminum for added durability and ruggedness. The manual safety, mag release, and bolt release are all in very similar locations to an AR 15, if you are familiar with the controls of the AR 15 this shotgun will be a breeze to learn to use. The VR80 comes with two magazines, and three chokes. To this end the VR80 comes with flip up front and rear sights, and has plenty of picatinny rail on the top of the receiver to mount any optics you may want to add.

The aluminum M-LOK handguard allows for easy attachment of accessories, it also has picatinny rail sections at the front of the handguard.

vr80 aftermarket stock

The thumbhole stock can also be removed and replaced with an AR 15 pistol grip and most AR 15 adjustable stocks designed to work with a commercial buffer tube. These features allow for a very customizable AR 15 style 12 ga shotgun. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We offer a vast collection of guns,ammo, optics ,magazines and accessories without asking personal information.

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Armscor VR-80 Shotgun after Luth-AR Modifications #525

Full, Modified, and Improved chokes. Ambidextrous safety and charging handle. Fluted barrel shroud to help dissipate heat. Flip up front and rear sights. Bolt hold open on empty magazine. Includes two 5 round magazines. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Adaptive Tactical’s EX Performance Adjustable Stocks – Not Just for AR’s

Century Arms C39V2 7. Add to cart. Services Shop Products. Contact us.Norman Breaks down his choices of the best Shotgun Stock or stock sets. Firearms of all types are coming with more options than ever before and the shotgun is no different in this aspect. Wood is beautiful when paired with a great metal finish, but wood is also weaker and prone to weather and field damage.

This is where manmade materials make stocks and forends stronger and better for hard duty or field use. Depending on the stock set, they also allow the mounting of additional accessories so the shooter can customize the shotgun to their specific need or look.

Shotguns by their very nature are deadly at short and medium ranges and some manufacturers state even at long range.

Parts By Gun Model

I have grouped shots on a target the size of a dinner plate at yards with a rifled barrel and Hornady SST 12 gauge slugs. High brass loads and buckshot deliver devastating amounts of energy on the target and with modern loads at ranges greater than ever before.

Having the right stock and forend can help alleviate some of that pain energy. Since there is such a large number of manufacturers and models of shotgun stocks, I am thinking it would best serve the article to use the most popular models. The two models alone in all their configurations are the Ford and Chevy of the shotgun world and what better place to start. Norman Breaks down his choices of the best Shotgun Stock or stock sets in no particular order:.

This stock does not come in kit form, but this type deserves mentioning because of its ability to allow you to stow your shogun in smaller places and use it where space restriction does not allow a full length shotgun.

A simple push of a button enables it to fold up on top of the receiver while still allowing you to fire the shotgun. The latches are for use by left or right handed shooters and include a swivel.

The A2 style pistol grip permits great control while shooting with the stock in the stored position. Sometimes just a simple change is very effective in adding effectiveness to your defensive or hunting shotgun and when combating recoil, a sure grip is highly preferred.

This gives you a solid stock that is stronger than wood and it includes a cushioned recoil pad with a sling swivel stud. I have used Hogue for many years on handguns and I assure you they are tough and live up to their reputation for a secure grip.

I have always preferred the Speedfeed shotgun stocks with a pistol grip. Speedfeed Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock Sets gives you the choice of any combination stock, speedfeed regular, pistolgrip or shortened. Magpul has been leading the pack in polymer based firearms accessories, their magazines are in use all over the world and with our military. The SGA stock easily replaces your factory stock utilizing the provided hardware.

The SGA shotgun stocks use a pistol grip for control and a soft effective recoil pad, optional check risers can be purchased for a customized fit. The stock is fully ambidextrous and to release, simple push the button to fold or open the stock.

The shotgun stocks is locked open and held in place by a claw system and when folded spring tension keeps the stock locked up and free from rattling. The stock includes a storage compartment, adjustable to five positions, and a soft recoil pad. The grip also contains a storage compartment and is ergonomically designed to fit your shooting hand.

As a parting note, keep in mind that some of these stock and forend kits will require tools to complete removal and assembly. Read the items description carefully so you may purchase any tools at the time you purchase the kit. About Norman Gray: Norman Gray has been involved in the shooting sports for well over 30 years.

He has served in both active duty and reserve component of the United States Army as an Infantryman and was honorably discharged at the end of his service. Moving to Arizona, he began assisting his long time friend and mentor Bob Shell, an accomplished writer and author in his own right.

I stand 5 feet 9 inches tall, and the Magpul stock on my Mossberg A1 just works really well.

Shotgun Parts

It feels sturdier, looks better and I like the fact that the LOP is adjustable for various tactical needs. I also have the ghost ring sight installed and I found that with the original stock I had to raise my cheek up on the stock to get a proper sight picture, and with the Magpul it just feels more natural and faster to acquire a sight picture.

Two comments: 1.

vr80 aftermarket stock

The first one on the list appears to be a polymer version of the old Remington top-folding steel stock. I had one of those and dumped it because a firing it was hard on the cheek no padding and a hard edge and the shoulder steel buttplate with no real way to add a padand b I already had a Sidesaddle shell holder mounted on the receiver, and that prevented the stock from folding all the way.So I have finally settled on my configuration at least for now I thought I would list some things pro and con as to help anyone else making some decisions.

The folks that posted in the earlier post were a great help, Thanks! You do have to break it in and it took about 80 rds of highbase 6's and some 3" magnums.

After that it runs pretty much flawless with the 5 rd and 9 rd mags using the cheap bulk Federal from Walmart. I did take it apart and cleaned it a couple of times during break in and found some minor rough edges to smooth and oiled the bolt. I also rotated the right side safety lever deg.

They are showing wear signs on the paint in some areas so I will probably buff the paint down or off, to smooth things up a bit. One of the 9 rd ones I chopped the base plate off to hold It runs fine like that also.

I highly recommend getting the Amarok mag loader, it really makes things easy. I bought a 19 rd mag also and had a few issues with it not feeding well when it gets down to the last 5 or 6 shells. They were jamming into the top of the chamber. I later noticed that some of my older shells were flat or almost flared out at the end. The newer boxes of the same brand has a better rolled edge and when I loaded those the jams were minimal.

None of my mags will drop free when empty. Not sure if the paint removal will help or just because they curve so much and are pretty light. Something to work on later. Helped a lot and I might add a hand stop to the bottom later. You do get a small amount of gas out the sides where the gas piston sits so getting your grip forward is helpful. I also ground off the sling tab. I installed a Taccom buffer with a cut carbine spring and it does reduce felt recoil.The AR platform is still immensely popular.

A semi-auto shotgun, especially one which is box-fed, is — more often than not — versatile and highly manageable. With a shotgun like this, the differences are noticeable, yet it retains a highly familiar kind of feel.

You may also like our Armscor Company Review and J. Racaza Biography. The first thing you probably notice about this shotgun, aside from the striking AR look, is the way this piece of weaponry is built. It is solid and highly dependable in its construction, and you can feel that when you handle it.

Best-Rated AR-15 Stocks

Obviously, there can be some kind of a production line defect, but overall the VR series is considered to be well-made and reliable. The build is mainly T6 aluminum the receivers and handguard, for examplewith some polymer thrown in mainly in the stock. The stock has a rubber buttpad, and the grip and stock are connected to form a thumbhole stock.

This weapon comes with flip-up sights — which are not bad at all for closer encounters — situated on a Picatinny M-Lok compatible rail. This weapon operates using a gas system as opposed to a recoil-operated system. Furthermore, you get the advantage of a system which is better-suited for heavier loads. More suited than recoil ones, anyway. Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol… nothing. Shooting rockislandarmory Shotgun Shirt: tacticaledgeusa Eyepro: gargoyleseyewear Photo Creds: lifeofsgtandbrad train shot shotgun rockisland armscor girlsthatshoot.

The VR80 comes with a 5-round mag 9-round mags, or more, will be made available as an aftermarket item. Three chokes are provided with the VR modified choke, full choke, and cylinder bore choke.

Though some may consider it useless, aesthetics goes a long way! Rock Island Armory imports these shotguns from Turkey, a country which has a fairly respectable reputation among firearms dealers and importers around the world.

The older shotguns in the series resembled the AR platform as well, but to a lesser degree. Derya, which specializes in shotguns, was established in the late 90s in the Turkish province of Konya. The company is known for its use of quality materials, and for its adherence to some of the strictest industry standards around.

Rock Island Armory currently has exclusivity on the VR80, but the older models are available for purchase through many shops and websites. From what I have seen, this shotgun really does require some kind of break-in period. I have no formula to provide you with, unfortunately, but I say this for those who may be discouraged when they first handle the gun and label it a dud.

This shotgun is a pleasure to shoot.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The first is a water-resistant grip storage compartment that provides an at-hand location for a small multi-tool, survival equipment, or cleaning equipment. Unique locking interface to attach the barrel assembly to the stock body when being transported.

Ergonomic M-LOK-compatible hand guard. Interchangeable standard and optic-height cheek risers included. Export Administration Regulations Controlled Product. These controls take the form of export regulations and license requirements. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury or death. Magpul Industries shall not be responsible for injury, death, or property damage resulting from faulty installation, misuse, illegal use, or modification of this product. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

Copy this link and share it with your friends. Out of stock. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Made in the USA. Resources There are no resources for this product at this time. Weight 21 oz. Width of Butt, max 1. Width of Stock, max 1.We will also be testing these mags with other AR 15 style shotguns and reporting back which shotguns they work with.

Steel magazine body, with polymer follower and polymer floor plate. Generally these type of shotgun 10 round magazines may require a break in period. As we get more information on which shotguns these factory new Rock Island Armory 9 Round Magazines work with we will post it here:.

Back to all Rock Island Armory Firearms. Jake Rees verified owner — June 19, I ordered 4 of these magazines and got them quickly. No snags, no jambs, just recoil.

vr80 aftermarket stock

I want more Mags, but out of stock again. Michael verified owner — August 7, Anonymous verified owner — August 7, Anthony Murrell verified owner — August 12, McKinney M.

Brian verified owner — August 23, Benjamin verified owner — August 28, David S. Great price and fast shipping. Appropriate communication to keep me updated.

The mags were as described and arrived in perfect shape. Anonymous verified owner — September 2, John L. Robert B. Richard Keene verified owner — September 13, Eugenio M.While an AR buttstock seems pretty simple, there may be a lot more to consider than you think.

The buttstock can impact how you easy it is to carry your AR around or to transition into different firing positions. The buttstock is an important contact point for both your shoulder and your cheek weld.

Indeed, a comfortable feel with your buttstock is vital to good shooting. The right one can help you improve as a firer, and the wrong one can hinder your performance on the range, on the hunt or when you need it most.

See Product Details. The Strike Industries Viper Stock is a fixed stock that slides right over the buffer tube. It comes in black and flat dark earth. This could be a great option for a competition rifle. It features a cheek piece that can be installed on either side for right or left-hand firers — preinstalled on the right, and it fits on most AR and.

It fits easily on any mil-spec buffer tube for easy installation. It features a supplemental friction lock to minimize excessive movement and a premium chrome-silicon lock spring to provide positive locking and long service life.

The rubber buttpad is removable. It also comes in a commercial buffer tube size. Unlike a standard polymer stock, the Armaspex XPDW is made from aluminum with two hardened steel rods.

This stock will survive the harshest environment. Best thing about this UMS is it can install on different type of buffer tubes: Mil-Spec carbine buffer tubes, cylindrical buffer tubes, rifle length buffer tubes, and many more.

Its minimalist design is ideal for those long carries, and its small profile makes it perfect for close quarters maneuvering, in combat or in home defense.

The Zulu Stock Kit features a secondary buffer system to reduces felt recoil. A ambidextrous QD sling swivel socket at the rear of the stock for various need.


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